Kode Nu is an IT and Software Development consultancy that specializes in a variety of technologies and industries. Our philosophy revolves around lean and cost-effective processes that result in solutions that are easily maintainable, well-documented, and follow the latest industry standards.

Having been on the customer-side of several contracts in the past, we know the frustrations that can sometimes arise when working with a consultant: poor communication, scope creep, misunderstanding of objectives, and timely or costly changes. We pride ourselves in our ability to recognize and avoid these pitfalls of IT contracts and find personal satisfaction in producing work output that exceeds expectations.

Our team is constantly learning new technologies and adopting the latest methodologies, making us dynamic and highly flexible in the approach we take in building technology solution for our clients.

We are currently available for new project-based or retainer-based contracts for any scope and duration. If you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help.

Michael Goss, CISSP


Michael Goss has worked in the Information Technology field for over a decade. Having started in the private sector, he transitioned into public service where he has gained a majority of his professional experience. He graduated with a BS in Computer Science with an emphasis in Software Engineering.

He currently holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification from ISC2.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys aviation, traveling, running, and playing tennis.