Software Development & IT Consultancy

With over a decade of experience in government and small-to-medium sized businesses, Kode Nu knows how to efficiently take a project from concept to production.

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Our Services


Software Engineering

Often times organizations conform to the software rather than have the software conform to their needs. We work tightly with organizations to build software and integrations that are custom tailored.



Protecting digital assets requires going beyond the traditional "set it and forget it" mindset. We help organizations understand their risk tolerance and implement sensible solutions to match.


Process Automation

Redundant and repetitive processes are no stranger to organizations of any size. We utilize automation techniques and artificial intelligence to drive efficiencies and save valuable staff time.

Industries We Support

No matter the size or nature of your organization, we work to understand and conform to your unique requirements.

Those entrusted to serve in the public sector are asked to do a lot with a little. We understand those constraints and place heavy emphasis on providing solutions that center around reliability, fiscal responsibility, and resiliency.

Managing and securing critical infrastructure requires a thorough understanding of an operation at all levels. We look at industrial control processes from both an functional and technical perspective, using that knowledge to build bulletproof solutions that exceed modern-day standards.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and must approach every initiative by extracting as much value possible out of every dollar invested. We help gain an edge over your competition by identifying cost-saving and efficiency-driving opportunities and building solutions to bring them to life.